How a Mortgage Pre-Approval Can Benefit You

It’s exciting to know that you’re ready to purchase your new home. Avoid the urge to jump into the process without being prepared as best as possible.  A mortgage pre-approval allows you to start with a number of advantages.

  • Know your affordable price range before you search. By obtaining a pre-approval from Lenox/WesLend, you have the advantage of knowing how much house you can afford. This will save you valuable time and energy to focus on finding homes that fit within your budget.
  • Define what your estimated monthly mortgage payments will be. Buying a home involves a lot of steps and can be overwhelming for a first time home buyer. By obtaining a pre-approval from your Lenox/WesLend Financial mortgage advisor, you will be ready to buy your dream home knowing your approximate monthly mortgage payment while having the confidence to move forward with the right loan, suited to your specific financial goals.
  • A pre-approval presents a stronger, more attractive offer. With a lot of real estate agents choosing not to work with buyers unless they have been pre-approved with a lender, a pre-approval shows that you are serious and ready to buy.
  • The loan process takes less time. With a pre-approval you have already selected your loan program and provided several pieces of documentation. This means that when you have found your new home you can focus on the contract and negotiations knowing your loan is on its way to completion.

A pre-approval makes the home buying process smoother whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned one. Start your pre-approval process today with a Lenox/WesLend mortgage advisor at no cost!