Is now the right time for an investment property?

Real estate investments have helped many build their financial nest over the years. Whether choosing to purchase a second home for family vacations or an investment property that you wish to rent, buying a house for investment purposes can be a step toward creating a solid financial future.  Just as in a primary home purchase there are a lot of options available for investment properties. At Lenox/WesLend, our mortgage advisors will walk you through an array of mortgage solutions that can help suit your financial goals. There are even programs available for as little as 10% down and the mortgage pre-approval process is simple.

Why choose Lenox/WesLend?

The most important step is to choose a mortgage lender who can explain all the steps-from getting started to locking in your low rate. With personalized help from your Lenox/WesLend mortgage advisor you will be matched with the right loan and monthly payment for your financial situation.

We’re with you each step of the way! With one direct number you are able to get your answers quickly without delays. Most importantly, we close loans fast. Since 1999 we have been providing mortgage solutions to home buyers and investors with low rates. Call 888.495.3669 or request your quick quote today!