About us

The mortgage industry is a constant flux of ups and downs. Many mortgage companies have had a difficult time keeping up with these changes. We have been the best at what we do since 1999. We make it simple for you to confidently purchase a home or refinance which is why we have a steady stream of returning customers.

Lenox Financial Mortgage Corporation dba WesLend Financial (“Lenox/WesLend”)’s focus on dedicated service, expertise and dependability not only keeps our customers by our side but also brings us referrals from their family and friends. With low rates, no closing cost options* and multiple mortgage loan options our services are able to help a wide variety of people obtain their homeownership goals.

Our mortgage advisors are partners with you throughout the whole process constantly providing education for the first-time home buyer and communicating throughout the whole process. It is important to us that you know the progress of your loan. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned one, from start to finish we are by your side.

Lenox/WesLend is committed to providing competitive rates, multiple loan options including a no closing cost home loan option* and an easy, hassle-free mortgage process.  With our knowledge, high-level of customer service and experience you can feel at ease that we are dependable and will not let you down.  Let’s achieve your financial goals together. Find out how by calling us at 888.495.3669 or Contact Us here.

*No closing cost options are NOT available in Washington.

“Our vision has, and always will be that our customers come first!”


Our Mission

Our core focus is helping you achieve your homeownership goal. Whether you want to refinance or purchase a home, we provide stable and informative support throughout the entire process. When you feel empowered, then we are doing our job.

Our Belief

Our customers come first. This is more than just business to us, and purchasing a home should be more than that for you as well. Your home is your largest investment, and our team of skilled, experienced financial professionals can make your new purchase or refinancing process as hassle-free and efficient as possible. While we offer low rates and no closing cost options*, we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we build with clients and our superior service.

Your Advantage

Welcome to Lenox Financial Mortgage Corporation, dba WesLend Financial where our high-level customer service puts us ahead of the other lenders in the game. Contact Us today and confidently move forward with your home financing process.

* No closing costs options are NOT available in Washington.