At Lenox/WesLend Financial, we want to make it easy for consumers to acquire a home, even if they feel less than confident in their financial situation. It is for this reason we offer government-insured FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans. These loans make it easier for borrowers to qualify.

What are the benefits to an FHA loan?

Less restrictive approval criteria:

Consumers who are shy of perfect credit, low-income families or first time homebuyers should still have great options aside from conventional home loans.

Low down payments:

Lower down payment requirements allow consumers to purchase a primary home with as little as 3.5 percent down. Some borrowers apply monetary gifts toward loan down payments.

Easier refinance:

With the FHA Streamline Refinance Loan Program, you can refinance your existing FHA loan to a much lower rate with reduced fees, no appraisal and no income requirements, subject to FHA guidelines.

Increased flexibility with your money:

If a homeowner decides to refinance, it is possible to finance more than 80 percent of the home’s value, allowing our customers more access to cash.

Why choose Lenox/WesLend?

We have been serving the industry since 1999. All of our mortgage advisors have the experience to help customers successfully navigate through the mortgage process and find the right loan solution. It is our goal to help customers truly afford the home they want to live in. Additionally, we want the process to be swift and simple, closing loans in just over 30 days on average, and taking every step with our customers along the way.

Have the confidence to move forward with your homeownership goals by partnering with Lenox/WesLend today! Get more information about FHA loans, or additional low cost options by contacting us.

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